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man in black 2015 
football 2015 
baseball 2010 
playing air hockey w/ evan 
w/ brother darrel 
'redneck rasslin' w/ evan 
bikin' w/ evan 
carving pumpkins w/ courtney 2008 
baseball in mid-flight 
bustin' a move to 1st base 
6th birthday 
jammin on drums again 
first day of kindergarten 
been playin' w/ the water hose again 
2007 airshow w/ dad 
i fix my own shtuff 
monster trucks at metro centre 2007 (9 pics) 
playing drums in the basement 
playing galen's drums at dad's band rehearsal 
still my turn 
wrestling w/ lenny 
lefty guitar 
gumdrop hat - evan looks on 
fall 2006 
grillin' up corn and pork chops 
burning weeds w/ sparklers 
helping dad restring a guitar 
alex has graduated to the loft bed 
alex and grace w/ mr. potato head 
time for a play-doh mess 
playing with new buddy miles 
uh, you guys eating the cooler ice? 
coppin' some wood 
bath time at the funny farm 
and you can tell everybody, that this is your song 
w/ grace in the jeep 
rockin' in the free world 
fall 2005 
w/ grant on a firetruck 
the shop class teacher 
big head juice and the monster 
four-wheelin' w/ julian 
did you put that on yourself ? 
rock 'guardians' at sinnissippi park 
w/ sydney at the sandbox 
stand back, i'm not afraid to use this 
on the lawn tractor w/ dad 
passed out while playing w/ my classic cars 
well, that lawn ain't gonna cut itself 
fall 2004 
fall 2004 
fall 2004 
one more fall 2004 
alex on his first camping trip 
starting to figure out the ’pooter’ 
playing at castle rock state park 
another nap? 
wow, feet first this time 
posing with eli 
there are lots of ways to be naughty 
i'll just check out the sunday paper 
the karate kid pose 
alex w/ grant 
alex w/ dad after happy meal fix 
alex 'hiking' at white pines 
alex w/ titans jersey 
another busy day 
october 2002 at the pumpkin patch 
three, three, three pics in one 
float like a butterfly sting like a bee 
nap in the johnny jumper 
in the womb 
10 min old w/ dr holbrook 
alex w/ aunt barb 
sharp dressed man 
wiggle worm 
i can't hear you rockford 
censored bath pic 
ground control to major tom 
alex w/ big sister 
do not disturb 
changing table 
just laying around 
sitting w/ frogs 
tuff pooh shirt 

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