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Our trip to Tennessee in 2003
hiking up the mountain to see falls 
following the water upstream 
looking up from base of fall 
a disturbing barn we drove past 
alex rode to tennessee in this - strapped to the roof 
a ride from papaw on grandpa schmidts old tractor 
alex loved his tractor ride 
one of ripley's hollow aquariums 
mom & dad checkin out some fish 
these jellyfish are makin allisyn hungry 
the biggest crabs we've ever seen 
ripley's must have a hundred sting rays 
you can touch the sting rays (they dont sting) 
more huge fish 
sharks swim right over us above glass tunnels 
massive sharks overhead 
i believe this is called a saw shark 
allisyn & alex under a giant fake tree 
another huge shark 
mamaw corby near another giant fish tank 
one of the gatlinburg trams that we rode 
yup...down there is where we started 
a view of the great smokies from the tram 
the cables 
waiting atop mountain for incoming tram 
the other tram climbs as our's descends 

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