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ominous grey - last show at 'take 20' 
me w/ ominous grey at bar3 
bar3 flyer 
archer and me at bar3 
double fisting the song 'overrated' 
men without hats 
me, myself and galen 
playin' the slow piece to 'senseless' 
doin' up the last lead on 'confession' 
got riff? 
sandpaper soul at otto's july 2010 
me and galen at otto's 
me at kryptonite march 2010 
doin' what i do  
archer at kryptonite  
tony at kryptonite 
galen at kryptonite  
me and archer at the red lion 
tony - red lion feb. 2010 
archer and galen - red lion 
galen - red lion 
me - red lion 2010 
sandpaper soul at rocky's - july '09 
me at rocky's 
tony: want me to turn this up?  
me w/ archer 
eric archer gettin' loud - LT's - july '09 
virgil on the verge at LT's 
me at LT's 
alex and evan w/ my jackson 
evan and alex w/ my washburn 
rehearsing 2008 
party at galen's 
studio session 2008 
galen warming up 
bachman turner overdub 
get back in your box eric 
it's 5:12, do you know where your drummer is? 
surprise...you're dead 
at the lyran club 07/07/07 
calgon take me away 
at the lyran club 
me & eric smokin it 
playing my jackson usa sl1 'eerie dess swirl' 
alex playing galen's drums 
alex getting pointers from lenny 
galen playing beer guitar 
todd: my broker is e.f.hutton   eric: ... 
joel b. watching me strum his new taylor 
eric b. makin' sawdust out of it 
lemmy show ya how it's done 
P.L.C...todd, eric and bill 
P.L.C...todd, bill and lenny 
in the basement...galen and todd 
strumming w/ eric at grandma's on christmas eve 
allisyn demonstrating a pick slide (w/ digital delay) 
alex's first guitar lesson 
matt sillanpa at the noise chamber studio 2002 
sandpaper soul jam 1995 
sandpaper soul invades wisconsin 
matt sillanpa w/ sandpaper soul 
baby allisyn runs the board 
heeeeeeeey macarena - cataclysm 1989 
strumming for young allisyn 
eric from throttle jams with bill 
new friends at lazy river folk fest 
it's a shadow - not my hair 
bill jams with frank 
classic bill w/ mark hastings 1986 
jim, jack and the late curly hastings w/ bill 
jack, curly and jim hastings  w/ bill 
mother joyce w/ mandolin and her folks 
travis, bill and jeff 
sandpaper soul 1995 
cataclysm 1989 
getting some pointers from grampa curly approx.1986 
warped sandpaper soul 1995 
at big cities lounge 1999 
randon pollock at age 7 jamming w/ bill and jeff 
racer's edge lounge 1987 w/ grampa curly 

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