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just before i cut my beard 2015 
fresh ink on my left shoulder 
me in the g2 
dude where's my bike 
me and evan at a monster truck event 
the roof, the roof... 
hiking with mr. evan 
hiking w/ three amigos 
my extravagant basement office 
me w/ my boys 
me, jeff, eric and kent 2005 reunion 
w/ my children and jane the t-rex 
rockford's 'symbol' at sinnissippi park 
playing frisbee at castle rock state park 
at starved rock overlooking the illinois river 
me with eli king 
me and alex january 2003 
super strength? naw it's hollow 
at the hospital w/ alex 
at home from the hospital 
the toobie brothers 
bill jams with frank 
celebrating safely on july 4th 

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